Singer-songwriter workshops

Have you always wanted to learn how to write a song? Or do you already write songs, but want to improve your skills? Then the songwriting workshops I offer in Uithoorn go give might be something for you!

With a small group of people (max 8 people) we meet for a workshop. You can sign up separately for workshops on different topics, based entirely on where your interests lie! 

You can currently register for the following workshops:

20 januari (10.00-13.00u) - Basic skills workshop

The name kind of says it all - in this workshop we will cover many different topics and basic skills you may need to write a song. These include building a song, visual description, dealing with your own inner critic, how to get started, and more!

You can register for the workshop below.

Rijm en rijmschema’s (datum t.b.a.)

How do you keep your song from sounding like a St. Nicholas poem? How do you make sure that rhyme allows you to take your song to an even higher level? This workshop is all about rhyme!

Melodieën (datum t.b.a.)

During this workshop I will give you more tools regarding writing melodies and coming up with chord progressions. We will cover music theory, but also look for playfulness!

Other topics to come: 

  • Writing Texts 1.0, including:
    • Different perspectives and their effects
    • Allegories, metaphors, comparisons, figurative language
    • Stable vs. unstable
  • Chords and chord diagrams
  • How do you perform your (own) song? 
  • Co-writes - how does it work?
  • Schrijf in een dag een liedje

If you know another subject you would like to take a course on, don't hesitate to contact me! Then together we can look at the possibilities.


Each workshop costs €60


The course takes place in the ballet room of the Hoeksteen in Uithoorn.

Sign up

If you would like to sign up for one of the workshops or have any questions, please fill out the form or send an email to

Other possibilities

Private lesson

Would you rather watch a song you're working on in pairs? That's possible too! In that case, just send me an email ( and then we will discuss the possibilities together. 

Singer-songwriter course organized at another location? 

Would you like to organize a singer-songwriter course with a group at a different location? That is also possible! Please contact me via and then we will discuss the possibilities.


Are you looking for a fun activity to do with a group for a bachelorette party, special birthday or other special occasion? Then consider a one-time workshop! We will then playfully write a song with the whole group, giving this special occasion its own soundtrack! This option is also possible to combine with a living room concert. For more information, send an email to

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