It was clear to me very early on which direction I wanted to go. As a little girl, music in all its forms delighted me and I sang all day long. From the moment I first heard Taylor Swift on the radio, I discovered that my heart specifically beat faster for americana. A little bit of everything together, but so authentic and pure. So nice! Taylor Swift is also the one who inspired me to start playing guitar and carefully writing songs myself. The Chicks, Alison Krauss and Kacey Musgraves were inspirations that quickly emerged after that. 

Music has always been the common thread in my life. It helps me deal with sad or difficult situations, but it also makes me very happy, inspires me, moves me. Relaxes me. 

Performing I found very exciting at first. But every time I was, and am, on that stage, something magical happens. Then there is such a connection with all the people in the room. At that moment I really feel "myself," in my purest form.

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